The Hood

Born July 17, 1989 (According to his criminal records)

In every nation, across every ocean, the Hood is known as Public Enemy No.1. The colossal rewards issued and publicised on International Police video services for his arrest make him the most wanted man on Earth. But always the evil Hood manages to evade the lengthy arms of the law.

Within his sinister temple, deep in the heart of the Malayan jungle, the Hood laughs scornfully at all efforts to capture him. It is from this building that the man whose sole aim is to acquire wealth no matter what the cost to others, plans and plots his fateful schemes. At his disposal is the greatest array of devices ever made to further the cause of crime - for nothing can be allowed to hinder his criminal operations.

In an underground room at his temple the Hood keeps a fantastic collection of hoods and masks. There are thousands of them, filling rack after rack, for it is the Hood's amazing ability to change his appearance that has earned him his name and kept him safe from arrest. All the masks have been made by the Hood himself and, working from photographs, he can re-create in rubber any face in a matter of minutes.

One of the greatest interests in the Hood's life are the activities of International Rescue and the Thunderbirds machines. He continually schemes to bring about the destruction of International Rescue. In this aim he has the useful but unwitting help of Kyrano, Jeff Tracy's faithful manservant.

Kyrano is the Hood's half-brother, but any similarity ends there. Kyrano is as honest as the Hood is dishonest. Strangely, uncannily, the Hood wields a commanding power over Kyrano, and this is centred around a huge, glass-sided cabinet that stands in the central temple. Within the box is a lifelike dummy of Kyrano. By concentrating his thoughts on this the Hood is able to place Kyrano in a hypnotic trance - even though he may be thousands of miles away. Kyrano is then at his bidding.

The Hood
The Hood
Voice: Ray BarretThe Hood 100k
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