Date of birth unknown.

The son of a wealthy Malaysian plantation owner, Kyrano turned his back on material gain after his rightful inheritance was usurped by his evil half-brother, the Hood.

Becoming an expert botanist, Kyrano spent a number of years at Kew Gardens advising on Asian Orchids before being invited to Kennedy Space Centre to help in a project to produce synthetic food from plants. It was here that Kyrano first met Jeff Tracy and the two became firm friends. Later, Kyrano moved to Paris and became head chef at the Paris Hilton, but happily abandoned this prestigious position when he was contacted by Jeff Tracy to help in the running of the Tracy Island domestic chores. This also enabled Kyrano to raise and oversee the education and development of his daughter Tin Tin, who also resides on Tracy Island.

A vital part of the smooth running secret island base, Kyrano's only failing is his susceptibility to the evil influence of his half brother, the Hood, and is often used as an unwitting pawn in the Hood's attempts to learn the secrets of International Rescue and the Thunderbird machines.



Voice: David GrahamKyrano 102k
Tin Tin
The Hood