The Pod Vehicles

Thunderbird 4

The Mole


Thunderbird 4

The Mole


Pod No: 4

Specifications: Refer to Thunderbird 4

Pod No: 5 or 4

Thirty tons of burrowing, tearing might, powered by a 1000bhp engine using rocket propellant, that's the Mole, the amazing drilling machine invented by Brains. The Mole has brought success to many rescue operations where trapped disaster victims would have perished if it had not been for this machine.

A tracked trolley carries the machine to the drill site where it is tilted for vertical drilling with its Formula C30/1 drill bit which can cut through any known metal. Caterpillar tracks on its side allow for its return to the surface when the rescue is complete.

Pod No: 5 or 6

Brains has designed many amazing fire-fighting machines for International Rescue. The most successful is the Firefly which incorporates the use of Cahelium Extract X, one of the toughest metals known to man.

The Firefly can travel to the heart of a blaze and snuff out a fire at it's source. This is often done by means of nitro-glycerine shells which are fired from the nozzle in the protective front plate. Conventional high pressure water and low pressure foam can be sprayed on to the fire via the rear mounted turret.

High Speed Elevator Cars

Recovery Vehicles

Radio Beam Transmitter Truck

Elevator Cars & Fireflash

Recovery Vehicle

Radio Beam Truck

Pod No: 3

These radio controlled vehicles are designed to safely land aircraft with malfunctioning landing gear.

The Elevator Cars are powerful six axle trucks with large spring loaded platforms on top, capable of speeds in excess of 200mph.

In practise, a stricken aircraft can land on top of an array of High Speed Elevator Cars speeding down a runway and be bought safely to a stop.

Pod No: 5

The Recovery Vehicles are tracked yellow/orange craft which can tow a distressed vehicle of up to 160 tonnes, out of danger by means of two magnetic/suction clamps fired by launchers mounted on top of the vehicle.

The Recovery Vehicles come in both manned and radio controlled versions.

Pod No: 5 or 6

A manned double tracked vehicle carrying sophisticated high powered communications equipment. The parabolic antenna is located on the back of the vehicle and is able to rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal and 120 degress in the vertical planes enabling it to maintain contact with aircraft or spacecraft in flight.

Thunderbird 5



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