Specifications: High Performance Passenger Sedan

Type: Rolls Royce Luxury Sedan

Top Speed: +200mph (Estimated)

Power Plant: Classified

Armament: Front Mounted Heavy Machine Gun, Swivel Mounted Laser Beam, Smoke Maker, Wheel Mounted Tyre Slashers (6)

Features: Hydrofoils and Vortex-Aquajet Power Pack for travel on water, Retro Pack Air Brakes, Retractable Tyre Studs, Bullet -Proof Glass

Driver: Parker


The design of Lady Penelope's car FAB1 has been officially approved by Rolls Royce but the main power unit is still listed as classified and no details are currently available. Speeds in excess of 200mph have been attained but it is certain that this is only a modest estimate of the engines real potential.

A notable feature of FAB1 are the four front wheels. These have been incorporated into the design to accommodate the weight of the power unit and the retractable heavy machine gun which is controlled and sighted from the drivers seat and fires through the main grill.

Rear vision for the driver is via a dashboard mounted TV monitor relaying pictures from a concealed boot mounted camera. TV transmitters and receiver, UHF and Neutroni radio ensure that FAB1 is able to contact International Rescue at all times. The communications equipment is all controlled from inside the air conditioned, leather clad luxury of the car.

To enable easy parking and manoeuvring all six wheels rotated and the gull wing and drop down doors allow safe and easy access to the vehicle.

FAB1 Side View
FAB1 Front
FAB1 Rear View
FAB1 Plan View

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