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Episode 27

Atlantic Inferno

Episode 28

Path of Destruction

Episode 29

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Premiere: 2 October 1966 Premiere: 9 October 1966 Premiere: 16 October 1966
Director: Desmond Saunders
Writers: Alan Fennell
Director: David Elliot Writers: Donald Robertson Director: Desmond Saunders
Writer: Alan Patillo
Jeff leaves for vacation in Australia at Lady Penelope's ranch. In charge of the base, Scott gets a balling-out after he sends the Thunderbirds to cap an ocean fire caused by a nuclear missile. When the fire erupts again, Scott is reluctant to launch and leaves the job of evacuating the nearby oil rigs to the navy. One rig, Seascape, suffers heavy damage and International Rescue may be too late to save the crew. When food poisoning overcomes the crew of the Crablogger, the giant automated logging machine begins to cut a path through the forest towards the town of San Martino and a nearby dam. While Lady Penelope attempts to get the designer, Virgil and Brains attempt to board the moving automaton. Their only plan of action - sit tight and wait for the instructions. Lady Penelope and Brains (under his guise of Hiram K. Hackenbacker) are both involved in personal projects and find they must combine forces. Penelope has interest in a revolutionary new fabric created by her friend Francoise Lemaire. To safeguard the fabric, the premiere fashion show will be held aboard Skythrust, a plane incorporating safety devices designed by Brains. A team of skyjackers take over command of the plane, threatening the lives of everyone aboard.

Episode 30

Lord Parker's 'oliday

Episode 31


Episode 32

Give Or Take A Million

Premiere: 23 October 1966 Premiere: 30 October 1966 Premiere: 25 December 1966
Director: Brian Burgess
Writer: Tony Barwick

Director: Brian Burgess Writer: Tony Barwick

Director: Desmond Saunders
Writer: Alan Patillo
Monte Bianco is the first town to be lit by solar energy. A storm sends the solar reflector tumbling down the mountain, angling it towards the town. When the sun rises, pure concentrated sunlight will burn the town up. With the mountain blocking radio waves, Lady Penelope must take FAB1 out to sea and send a distress call. Meanwhile, Parker and Bruno, the hotel's handyman, figure out a way to entertain the townspeople to prevent a panic. A renegade rocket endangers an illegal space station broadcasting pop music. The explosion of the rocket sends the station into a low orbit and a slow reentry. Thunderbird 3 is launched but Alan soon discovers that DJ Rick O'Shea won't be rescued. He's afraid to spacewalk from the station to the Thunderbird. Meanwhile, Virgil awaits below to blast the remains of the station off a collision course with a desert refinery. In this Christmas story, two crooks are foiled in their attempt to break into a bank from a department store. Hiding from Police, they are trapped in a canister that is loaded aboard a toy-filled rocket bound for a children's hospital. The reward for their capture pays to build a new wing for the hospital and one lucky child gets to spend the holidays on Tracy Island.