Lady Penelope

Born December 24th, 1999, the daughter of Sir Hugh Creighton-Ward and his wife Amelia.

Operating from her stately home, Creighton-Ward Mansion, Lady Penelope is the British Agent for International Rescue.

Educated by Miss Petherton, her governess, and at Hightower School, Penny led an eventful childhood. Often, though, she was lonely. Her parents lived in India where Sir Hugh was organising an Indian community.

For the last six years of her schooling, Lady Penelope was sent to Rowden, the famous boarding school for girls. There, she made many friends and soon learned to live the social life which had, for so long, been denied her.

Passing her exams with flying colours and leaving Rowden after being elected 'Head Girl', Penelope went to finishing school in Switzerland where she had a wonderful time ski-skiing and touring. On several occasions she visited other countries in Europe.

She perfected four languages - French, Italian, German and Spanish. These were to greatly assist her role as spy - the profession she was to follow after a dull 'Deb's' social year.

Lady Penelope completed many top-secret assignments for various organisations. Then she took over as Supreme Commander of the Federal Agents' Bureau. It was at this juncture in Penelope's career that Jeff Tracy approached her with a business offer. She jumped at the chance to work for International Rescue, the job was more than a challenge, it was one that she would really enjoy.

The day Lady Penelope passed Jeff Tracy's gruelling tests and she, together with Parker, her 'safe-cracking' manservant, joined the International Rescue team, was to prove one of the greatest in International Rescue's history.

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Lady Penelope
Lady Penelope
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